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Hardware Requirements and Providers
Already have a C-Band satellite system and need an Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD)?
TRT Sandmartin DVB-3033 Set Top Box IRD $250 each + $30 smartcard
First IRD incl w/ satellite affiliation
WELLAV UMH 160 Rack Mount IRD $1,150 each + $ 350.00 for
Conditional Access Module
(CAM) w/ smartcard
Shipping   Included
Please order your IRD and equipment from Foundation Telecommunications, Inc, 800-833-3353
NOTE: When your satellite receiver i.e. Set Top Box (STB) or Rack Mount Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) arrives at your location, make all the necessary connections and contact the SCOLA engineering team at 712-566-2202 to report that your system is either receiving SCOLA’s eight channels or that your site is in need of technical assistance. SCOLA engineers will work with you until your system is working properly.
Need a new LNB? NORSAT has a direct call in offer (below)
Norsat Model 8230 Digital Ready C-Band LNB (Phase stability Rating of +/- 250Khz) $65 + Shipping
Contact Teri Vincent or one of her team members at 800-644-4562 and use order code
Need a power divider or a satellite pointing device?
Toner XPD Series Power Divider XPD-2 is $6, XPD-4 is $8, XPD-8 is $18
Applied Instruments AI Turbo S2 DVB-S2 Satellite Meter $859 per Scott Haywood at Applied Instruments
AVCOM PSA-2500C Spectrum Analyzer $4,595 per Warren “Buck” McElfresh at AVCOM
Tony Denofa / 800-523-5947 at Toner Cable Equipment is an authorized reseller for power dividers and pointing devices
Need a C-Band satellite system?

Minimum 3.0m Solid or Perforated Reflector (Dish) $1999
Heavy Duty AZ/EL mount Included
C-Band Feed w/polarity controller Included
Up to 300 foot of RG6 coax Included
Delivery within continental USA Included
Contact DH Satellite at 800-627-9443 or Foundation Telecommunications Inc. at 800-833-3353
Need a C-Band satellite system?
FTI will dispatch a Technician to your location to get your system up and running for a nominal fee -800-833-3353
If you have any problems setting up the new MPEG-4 satellite receiver, please contact SCOLA at 712-566-2202 and ask for someone in engineering to assist or send an email to
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