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How to swap out your STB receiver
Dear Affiliate,
SCOLA is pleased to announce that it is changing technology from MPEG1 to MPEG4. This migration is as simple as disconnecting the old receiver and putting the new one in its place. SCOLA will remain on the its current satellite and polarity SCOLA (G19, 97W, Odd Numbered Channel).
To make the transition go as smooth as possible, the following list-of-steps have been prepared to guide you through the process of getting the new MPEG4 receiver operational.
  1. Unpack the enclosed MPEG-4 satellite receiver from its box and install batteries in the remote control as necessary and make sure there is a Smart Card inserted "CHIP SIDE UP" in the Smart Card Slot located under the access door in the lower center of the receiver (see picture below for location). --If you are missing the Smart Card, call SCOLA immediately at 712-566-2202 and ask for someone in engineering or send an email to . --The receiver will not work without the Smart Card.


  2. Disconnect the WEGENER DVR series satellite receiver’s power cord (to remove power to the receiver).


  3. Place the new MPEG-4 receiver on top of, or in close proximity to the WEGENER DVR series satellite receiver (then perform a wire swap as follows).


    1. Remove the coax cable from the “RF IN” of the WEGENER receiver and re-install it into the port labeled “SAT IN” on the new receiver. The satellite input is the top connector, located near the power cord of the new receiver.


    2. Remove the cables that are inserted into the “AUDIO OUT” RED and WHITE ports on the rear panel of the WEGENER receiver and reinsert them into the RED and WHITE “AUDIO” ports of the new satellite receiver.


    3. Remove the “VIDEO OUT” coax (with a counter-clockwise twist) of the twist type male BNC connector from the WEGENER receiver and install the enclosed RCA to BNC adaptor (in the remote control bag) into the coax (using a clockwise twist of the BNC cable end while holding the adaptor in the other hand). Insert this RCA adapted coax into the “VIDEO CVBS” (yellow) port of the new satellite receiver.


  4. Connect the new satellite receiver into power, toggle the power switch to its “ON” position (pressed in on the top); the new MPEG-4 satellite receiver will automatically lock onto one of the SCOLA channels that are programmed into the receiver noted by the amber “LOCK” lamp next to the red “POWER” lamp. The initial authorization process after power up will produce a black screen on the monitor for up to two minutes before producing a picture.


  5. Using the CH+ or CH- on the front panel of the receiver or the CH up or CH down on the remote control will allow selection of the other SCOLA channels programmed into the new MPEG-4 satellite receiver.

    This link will take you to a pdf user manual for this satellite IRD link to user manual pdf .

    If you have any problems setting up the new MPEG-4 satellite receiver, please contact SCOLA at 712-566-2202 and ask for someone in engineering to assist or send an email to .
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