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Technical Information
Technical Information


SCOLA has many digitally compressed channels available to North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean and regions of South America. SCOLA is on satellite Galaxy 19 (G19) at 97 degrees West.

TRT Sandmartin Set Top Box (STB) IRD
WELLAV Rack Mount
Your Local Cable Operator
SCOLA programming can be received throughout the United States on your local cable system. If SCOLA is not being carried in your area ask your cable operator to contact SCOLA 712-566-2202 or
General Information
  • - SCOLA online resources are subscription services.
  • - A high speed broadband connection is recommended.
  • - SCOLA online resources use HTTP protocol on port 80 and use ports 443 and 1935 for Flash- based Learning Objects.
  • - Your browser needs to be set to accept session cookies and allow pop-ups from SCOLA.
  • - Please check with your organization's System Administrator to ensure your access to SCOLA is not blocked.
  • - Email or call 712-566-2202 for more information.
To make full use of SCOLA'S Online resources you need:
  • - One of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7 and newer
    • Mac OS X Tiger and newer
    • Various newer Linux distributions
  • - An industry standard newer web browser:
    • IE 8.0 and newer
    • Firefox 6.0 and newer
    • Safari 4.0 and newer
  • - Media Players:
    • QT: 7.1.6 and newer
    • Windows Media: 10.0 and newer
    • Flash: 10 and newer
  • - Mobile OS:
    • Apple iOS 4.1 and newer
    • Android 2.3 and newer
Once files are saved on your machine you may need:
  • - A video player or editor that supports MPEG-2 for manipulating archive quality video files
  • - A media player that supports MP4 H.264 video and/or MP3 audio
  • - A file zipping/unzipping application to open zip files
  • - A photo viewing or image manipulation application that supports JPEG images to open photos
Mobile Devices
Selected SCOLA apps are available for Apple and Android based on your current SCOLA subscription plan.
Windows Firefox Users
To play Windows Media files in Firefox, you may need to install this plugin.This links you to a third party site and SCOLA is not responsible for its content.
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