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World TV Online
International television featuring eight genre-designated channels accessible 24/365. News, talk, drama, children’s and music programming exactly as people see it in their own countries. Available for download and live stream.
  • “When I first joined the profession in the mid-1980s SCOLA was literally my only life line with France and the Francophone world. My class and I used to watch countless hours of news broadcasts to stay in touch with current affairs. At that point in time, SCOLA was really the only source of current information available through cable TV. With the advent of the Internet there are many more sources available, but I find that I still go back to SCOLA, not only for the news feeds from France but also for the many educational build-on programs it offers. With SCOLA you can never go wrong!”
  • Tom Conner
  • Coordinator of Modern Languages & Literatures, St. Norbert College​

Subscribed users of World TV Online can search by country, language, or Channel.

World TV Online programs are aired live on all eight channels 24 hours a day.
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